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Would you like to take what is in your heart and share it with others in a book or eBook? Would you like to turn your dream of writing into a reality?

I can help you turn your passion into a saleable book or establish a following online for your Blog. I offer you the coaching you need to see your project through. I’ll make your writing shine and make the creative process fun, saving you time and inspiring your strongest writing to come out.

My name is Michael and I have been a writer/editor for nine years and I am happy to be your writing coach and to help you take your work to the next level.

“Michael is a wonderful writer. His remarkable clarity is geared towards conscious awareness in an increasingly more spiritual public. I am grateful to have had Michael work with me on this project and hope that we will work again in the near future.” – Kommany Sinlapasai Writer/Author


Areas of specialty:

**Spiritual, Eastern Religion, Parenting & Children, Relationships, How-to, Memoir, Fantasy and Science Fiction**

I am currently the editor for, an online magazine catering to those into self-help, meditation, and alternative healing. I am a former editor for a Buddhist center and a ghostwriter for two public speakers. My writing has been featured in several magazines and books.

Contact me today to turn your dream into a reality. Michael @ (without the spaces)

 $45/hour.  Free introductory consultation.  Call me to today to discuss your project.  (415) 630-0123

“Alperstein’s writing is good company, his work full of gems…” -Mount Shasta Magazine

See my formal resume here:  Michael’s Resume