"Michael fosters the very best within each of us and encourages us to expand our light and talents to further the evolution of consciousness. Thank you Michael. ♥ ~ D'Marie Mulattieri

"What a beautiful heart & soul you have Michael! I want to read everything you've written... I think you must be made of angel & star dust, with some sand, sea spray, & rainbow droplets stirred in!" ~Camille M.

"I could spend all day devouring up the things you share. Keep it coming. My soul is hungry and this is the most delicious food anywhere! Thank you!" ~Amanda Brillant

"WOW...what you said completely floored me...I am still shaking my head...Amazing...That's what it was all along...only a few seconds and boom...my life looks different. Thank you Michael!" ~Marsha Omeasoo

“I am happy to tell you your work has brought a positive outlook in my life. Thank you for being a torch bearer to us seeking to find a sustaining spirituality. May you continually be blessed; you have touched hearts.” ~ Blake LT Carter


Spiritual Energy Healer & Writing Coach